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 Wesley valued B.E.R.T.:

  • the Bible, which is the foundation of any Christian group of people;
  • any Experience of Christ is honored a person may have had;
  • the Reason of our minds to think is critically important to United Methodists as we examine opinions, ideas and viewpoints; and,
  • the Traditions of the church from the time it was established by Jesus Christ are reverenced – not like stockings for Christmas, but the fact that we celebrate worship at least once each week.

So we, too value and honor these things and ideas. Like all United Methodists, we celebrate two Sacraments: Holy Communion, to which ALL are invited, and Baptism, which is open to anyone of any age.

If you are interested in delving deeply into Methodist theology, I invite you to click on the link for The United Methodist Church at  Also, we are affiliated with the Western Pennsylvania Conference, whose Presiding Officer is Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi. The Conference which has many opportunities for persons of all ages including Summer Camp. The link for WPUMC is

Our congregation is part of Washington District; Phone No.: 724-225-9939, 24 N. College St., Washington PA 15301. The current District Superintendent is Paul Ritchey.


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Sunday Schedule

  8:30 am - Sunday Morning Worship

  9:45 am - Sunday School

    Come as you are, all are invited!

Contact Information
Bentleyville United Methodist Church
712 Main Street,  P.O.Box 183
Bentleyville, PA 15314
Phone:  1-724-239-2513
James W. Kimmel, Pastor
Office Hours:  By Appointment